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Customer Testimonials

I used it for about two weeks and saw a huge difference. I don't have particularly awful skin but i do suffer from blackheads and tiny white heads around my nose and on my chin. I bought it because the small whiteheads on my chin really drive me nuts.


It’s very easy to use and clears up all my blackheads. It works very well!


My young teenage daughter feels more confident at school now that her pores are so much less noticeable. She said her skin feels so much smoother and looks fantastic! Thank you!


OMG, Can’t believe this thing really works!! “Where have you been?” I used that old style stainless steel blackhead remover a few times, was painful so I stopped, then spent $$ for my Beautician once a month.


Definitely steam your face before using because it softens your skin and opens up your pores. You may have some redness from the suction but that will go away. Just don't go over the same area multiple times. It works well!


Works wonders! I love this! I used my facial steamer for about 5 minutes before using and thengasili blackhead remover, removed so much gunk! It pulled so out of my skin. It was horribly gross!


I was skeptical but it actually does work to clean out pores. I don’t have all that sensitive of skin but I can’t imagine using anything but the lowest suction setting. It does leave my skin a little red afterwards but that quickly goes away.